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We are inspired to design children’s programs utilizing the latest technologies around the world to keep our children to stay competitive in the fast-growing and complex world of today’s technology.

We break down scientific concepts into simpler terms so that children can fully understand, and we encourage creative problem solving through guided exercises 

Combining Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with the Arts means activating both the left and the right brain neurons and stimulating them to grow more ‘brain muscles’ both in the natural sciences and the social sciences world. Furthermore, we also offer a wide range of academic programs (K-12) as well! 

Wooden Maker

Build simple, interactive wooden toys, add richness and fun to creation. Understanding structure, transmission and control design.

Wooden toys don’t have voice commands or electronic parts that tell children what to do, allowing children to use their reasoning skills to decide what particular activities they want to undertake using that particular toy. Things such as blocks or puzzles also aid children in developing their ability to solve problems.

Basic Engineering

Children will learn about real-world engineering with LEGO parts that will challenge them to use their intelligence and creativity to apply the concepts being discussed.  Problem-solving, innovation and experimentation take center stage as students take an authentic turn as young engineers themselves.

Children will design and build their own electric cars, towers and bridges, windmills and much more.  For all of these projects, students will use everyday objects to create feats of engineering mastery.


Kids will dive into the exciting world of robotics with hands-on programming, building, troubleshooting and operating activities. Classes utilize latest smart robots as well as traditional building techniques. Growing students’ skills in design, problem-solving and critical thinking.


Students will gain confidence as they watch their creations take shape, from a simple idea to a working robot with motors and sensors.

Smart Hardware

Arduino provides a framework for building projects that control electronics. It's very popular with electronics hobbyists and professionals. 

We use up-to-date Arduino controllers, sensors and other electronic components, combined with web programming, 3D printing and craft supplies, kids will understand how real-life hardware work and what is involved in bringing them to life.

Applied Programming

Kids will learn mobile app designing and computer programming to create animated stories and programs. Students will create their own games, build their own story, design game mechanics, and bring their own characters to life.

These will help students to develop problem-solving skills, while transitioning themselves from a consumer of technology to a creator of technology!

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